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45-Minute Integrative Massage

“Refresh”–45 minutes allows for a session focused on one or two areas of the body. This is a great option if you have achy shoulders, a tight neck, or simply want to work on the hands and feet.


60-Minute Integrative Massage $70

“Rejuvenate”–60 minutes allows for a full-body massage or a session focused on working a few areas more deeply. For instance, if you are interested in depth work on the back and neck or want a full-body session to recover from running a race, this will allow for adequate attention. For those managing work and lifestyle related stress, 60 minutes will offer a deeper level of relaxation.


90-Minute Integrative Massage $100

“Renew”–90 minutes allows for a full-body massage and a session focused on a few “problem” areas. This option is especially suited for those who are managing chronic pain, recovering from surgery, facing major life transitions or in need of deeper muscular or emotional release.


60-Minute Pregnancy Massage $70

“Nurture”–60 minutes of massage focused on nurturing the mother, helping to relieve the discomforts associated with pregnancy using elements of Swedish and deep tissue massage as well as gentle range of motion stretching. The benefits of pregnancy massage are many: decreased swelling; increased flexibility and ease of motion; relief of neck, back and hip pain; and physical and emotional centering.

“Nurturing the Mother” Package $540

Massage is deeply supportive through all trimesters of pregnancy, labor and the “4th trimester”. This package includes 3-60 minute prenatal sessions, 3 hours of labor support and 3-60 minute postpartum sessions. To learn more about the benefits of labor and postpartum massage, check out Claire Marie’s extensive list. Please note that “on call” labor support will be dependent on my availability and adaptations to the package can be made by request (many women prefer more frequent prenatal massages). I also offer private infant massage classes that can be added to the package.


Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card. I accept all major credit cards and use Square processing.


Please note: I deeply value the work and want it to be accessible. If cost is an issue for you, let’s talk. 


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